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  • Where are you located?
    We are currently a licensed home bakery located right by Century City, but will be a retail store in the next few weeks! For now all orders will be collected from 1831 Prosser Ave or delivered directly to you.
  • How many servings will I get from my cake?
    6" 3 layer : 8 servings 6” 4 layer : 12-14 servings 7” 4 layer : 20-22 servings 10” 4 layer : 35-40 servings Small letter/number : 10-12 servings Large letter/number : 15-18 servings Small 2 tier : 25 servings Medium 2 tier : 30-35 servings Large 2 tier : 55-60 servings Small 3 tier : 30-35 servings Large 3 tier : 75-80 servings *This is the suggested amount. Servings will vary depending on how you cut the cake and how large your pieces are.
  • What is the best way to cut my cake?
    To get the maximum amount of servings from your cake we suggest you follow the video below. If you are cutting a 2 tier cake, think of them as 2 separate cakes. Lift one tier off the other and cut from there. You will find support dowels in your multi tier cakes. This is NORMAL! Trash them as you cut.
  • What kind of cakes do you make?
    All of our work is buttercream-based with minimal/basic fondant details. With the exception of our jungle animals, we do not make any sculpted characters/animals in-house. We work closely with a 3rd party who specializes in this, but it does take between 2-4 weeks so please allow enough time if you would like this type of element on your cake. We are happy to offer a similar substitute such as figurines, edible images, etc, which can all be done in-house! These are great alternatives if you are on a budget or time crunch. If you have any questions or need suggestions we are happy to assist!
  • Do I need to refrigerate my cake?
    Yes! Please don’t neglect your cake; it absolutely needs to be refrigerated! The cake can sit at room temperature (out of the direct sun) for a few hours, but anything longer is recommended you refrigerate. Please also take into account that if it is a hot summer day, outdoor time for the cake should be limited. When in doubt, the refrigerator is the best place for your cake!
  • Are you able to accomodate dietary restrictions?
    Yes. At this time we do offer gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan options. Please note that while we can accommodate these requests, our kitchen does handle other orders that do contain wheat, eggs, dairy, and nuts. While the equipment is cleaned in-between, this is not recommended for someone with severe allergies.
  • What is the difference between a layered and multi tier cake?
    Each cake has multiple layers of cake with frosting in-between. One layer cake, one layer frosting, and so on. Tiered cakes are two (or more) separate cakes stacked on top of each other (think a wedding cake). There is no such thing as a “single-layer cake” there will always be at least 2 layers of cake with frosting in-between.
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