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Born and raised in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, Ivory turned her passion for baking into a flourishing business. Originally a Professional Photographer, most of her childhood was spent in the kitchen alongside her Mom baking delicious desserts for friends and family. It wasn't until later on in life Ivory realized that her love for baking could actually go hand in hand with her photography career! She is consistently trying new recipes for cakes, cookies, pies, bread, and more! When she is not baking or running her photography business, you can find her traveling the world or hiking with her Doberman; Poppy.


Ivory’s Bake Shop opened its first retail location in 2024. After years of delighting customers with special creations through online orders and local deliveries, Ivory is excited to bring her custom treats to a brick-and-mortar store! Whether you crave a classic chocolate chip cookie or an elaborate celebration cake, Ivory's Bake Shop has something to satisfy every sweet tooth.

Ivory Ventura
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