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Cake Workshops

Unleash Your Inner Baker 

Cake workshops are the perfect activity for your next birthday, girl's night, or team-building activity! 

Learn how to assemble, frost, and decorate your own individual cake. It's yours to take home!


Workshops can take place in our brand-new West LA retail location, or in a space of your choosing. 

The Details

What's included

Individual cake for each person 
Cake turn table 
Cake board
Variety of spatulas
Piping bags + tips
Food coloring
Decorating supplies such as:
Chocolate embellishments 
To-go cake box
Hands-on instruction 

1 cake to be used as a sample/great for blowing out candles.

1 cupcake per person so you don't have to cut your own creation.
Setup + cleanup

Who can participate? 

This activity is perfect for kids or adults. Anyone who is looking for a fun, group activity where they can unleash their creativity will have a fun time! 
Participates must be at least 5 years of age.
Do keep in mind, that younger kids may need assistance. While we do offer teaching moments/help during the event, parents or guardians are encouraged to participate as well.  

If you would like an event for those under the age of 5, we can happily offer something similar with cupcake decorating. Please inquire below.

Where does it take place?

Cake workshops can take place at our brand new retail location in West LA or in a location or your choice. If you would like to host it in the bakery there is a limit of 15 participants max. Our space is cute and cozy but makes the prefect setting! 
If you choose to host it elsewhere there is no limit of participants.

Do you include rentals?

If your workshop is held in the bakery location, we offer worktables and chairs for each participant as well as 1 additional 6" table which can be used for food/drink. All of the tables include a standard disposible table cloth. You are more then welcome to bring outside food, drink, or decorations, but you will be required to set it up yourself. You may also use our patio furniture if additional guests would like to lounge outside. 

If your event is hosted elsewhere, you will need to provide your own tables, chairs, and the use of a refrigerator. 

How long is the workshop?

The workshop as a whole is about 2.5 hours maxium. We usually reccomend about 1.5hrs for cake decorating, and 1hr for food/mingeling. Partipitants who are younger in age usually take less time, where as more advanced decorators will take more time. The time may be divided as you see fit, and these are just suggestions. 

If your event is hosted in the bakery space you may arrive 30 minutes prior to your event to setup.

What is the cost?

The cost of a cake workshop is $90 per person. 

If your event is held outside of our bakery space we will happily travel to you within a

10 mile radius.

Anywhere more than 10 miles will incur a travel fee. 

Have additional questions or would like to reserve a date?
Fill out the form below and we will be in touch soon! 

Get in touch. 

Where would you like your workshop?
Will partipants be adults or children?

Thank you! Will will be in touch soon. Response time may take up to 3 business days. 

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